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Our Story

MediOffice was created as a result of extensive experience in working with doctors and the healthcare IT sector.

About Us

MediOffice is a subsidiary of Trust Health Ltd, who have been trading in the UK

as a provider of services to the healthcare sector for more than 15 years.

MediOffice is a leading provider of comprehensive medical practice management software. With a deep-rooted passion for healthcare and a wealth of experience in the industry, we are committed to transforming the way medical practices operate.

Founded by a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in working with clinicians and the healthcare IT sector, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by medical professionals. Our collective expertise spans creating practice management systems such as Bluespier and national clinical registries, and providing business support solutions to individual and groups of clinicians.

We understand the complex needs and requirements of healthcare providers. We recognise that managing a medical practice involves juggling various tasks, from appointment scheduling and patient records management to billing and financial operations. That's why we have developed a robust and intuitive software solution that streamlines these processes and empowers clinicians to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Our dedication to delivering excellence is evident in every aspect of our software. We have meticulously crafted our features and functionalities based on real-world insights gained through our interactions with the medical profession across different specialties. By listening to their feedback and understanding their unique challenges, we have tailored our software to meet their specific needs.

Join the ever-growing community of medical professionals who have entrusted their practice management to MediOffice. Let us empower you with the tools and support you need to take your practice to new heights. Together, we can revolutionise the way you run your medical practice and deliver exceptional care to your patients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the healthcare industry by providing intuitive, smart and easy to use medical practice management software. We combine this innovation in software with a personalised, response and seamless customer service, offering as much support as needed throughout your lifetime with us to empower you and enhance your patient care.

MediOffice Vision

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