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How patient feedback can grow your private practice

Why patient feedback is so important
The Importance of Patient Feedback in growing your Practice

Patients will be searching for you online. They want to read about you before booking and know you're the best person for them.

Ideally, they want to be able to read a decent volume of up-to-date reviews about your practice. A few reviews from several years ago is not going to cut the mustard in this modern digital age where people search for everything online. Think Tripadvisor, Check a Trade, Vouchedfor…..

In fact, if you only have a few out-of-date reviews or maybe none, it is likely this will adversely affect your practice - a steady stream of readily accessible patient feedback is essential for any modern practice.

We all know bad news travels faster than good so, with regular feedback, you can better understand what matters most to your patients. You can see not only what patients appreciate but also the areas of your practice that you can and should improve.

We’ve done research which shows that patients are more likely to submit a review when they receive a dedicated feedback request shortly after their consultation/surgery.

But how do you obtain the patient feedback without it being time consuming and somewhat haphazard?

The answer - have automated feedback request functionality available in your practice management software. A fully automated service will allow you to collect and publish a greater number of reviews on a consistent basis, giving patients more confidence in your practice. The higher the number of great reviews, the more likely patients are to choose to see you.

With automation, feedback is received quickly and can be acted upon immediately if required. It is received in real-time and highlights the good and the bad to the practice. Traditional feedback methods are slow, with irregular feedback, which limits the ability for the practice to adjust accordingly.

How does it work?

In MediOffice, practice management software, there are two options to automate your feedback requests.

One is to set your own “triggers” that activate the sending of the feedback request emails, eg 24 hours after attendance in clinic, and once set up, the review request emails will automatically be sent to every patient that sets off the trigger. (Don't worry, you can override this on a patient by patient basis too). The email can include a link to your review platform, eg Doctify, I Want Great Care etc and your patient feedback will automatically upload into your review platform.

Alternatively you can click the check-box for each patient following your clinic, and a feedback request email will be automatically sent to the patient after your pre-determined time delay, eg 24 hours.

Either option will ensure you receive a high volume of up to date reviews, but with no administration effort or time required by either the you or your practice manager.

It's a simple solution, that's entirely automated, that will help grow your practice.

Book a Demo or get in touch here if you'd like to find out more about automated collection of patient reviews, or call 01403 331676


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