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Passionate about your Private Practice? We are too.

MediOffice is on a mission to transform the way clinicians manage and administer their private practices. That’s why our software has a full range of automation features to reduce time and cut costs, whilst putting your patients at the centre of everything.

Could this be your story?

You started off in private practice with very few patients and therefore low income, so the easiest and cheapest thing to do was the administration of your practice yourself. Patient letters written in Word and posted or maybe emailed, invoices raised manually in Word and posted to the insurers or patients directly, and an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of who and who hasn’t paid.

Wind forward in time, and your practice has grown and you’re now struggling to keep on top of the admin and your manual processes aren’t quite keeping up. Not to mention that you have better things to do with your time than check your bank statements for payments, chasing up self-pay payments, attempting to reconcile insurer statements against your spreadsheet or typing up letters.

And, (we won’t tell) but are these documents saved on your personal PC only, not backed up or maybe saved on a memory stick so you have them with you in different hospitals? Has your PC ever crashed and you’re desperately trying to retrieve the data?

This situation is surprisingly common. Let’s face it, most clinicians don’t enjoy the admin part of their practice or, dare they admit it, aren’t that good at it. They would much rather be seeing patients or networking with colleagues to market their practice.

And this is exactly what you should be doing.

And this is where a practice management software system, designed specifically for your type of medical practice, is a game changer.

All your patient records in one place, securely stored in the Cloud, accessible anywhere on any device, automated appointment letters, invoices, inbuilt transcription, text reminders, patient feedback requests…the features list goes on.

If you haven’t looked at how a practice management software system can benefit your practice, sign up here for a demo to see the range of features and what they can do for you.

Join your colleagues and transform your practice with MediOffice.


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